The Leadership Challenge® Series
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Terms and Conditions:
1. Registrants who withdraw less than 2 weeks to the actual workshop dates or who do not show up for the 2-day Workshop will be charged 50% of course fee. In event of partial attendance, there will be no refund.

2. Photos will be taken during the workshop. They may be used for marketing purposes, if any.

3. VCF Eligible Participants are required to submit a copy of the approval letter to Halogen before the commencement of the workshop. They are also required to complete at least 75% attendance and a feedback form from NCSS. Full fee will be applicable, should they fail to meet any of the criteria, hence disqualifying themselves from obtaining VCF Grant at any point.

4. Participants are required to have attended The Leadership Challenge®
Workshop before attending The Student Leadership Challenge® Certified
Facilitator Training Workshop.

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